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Higher Ed Challenges, NFL Team Name Change, Flood Risk

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Jul 15, 2020 8:00 pm
  • 1:44:29

Universities are Faced with Mounting Challenges for This Fall (0:29) Guest: Robert Kelchen, Professor of Higher Education, Seton Hall University The Trump Administration is backtracking on its plan to deport international students who attend universities that are offering courses only online this fall. Harvard, MIT and seventeen states sued to stop the rule, which had universities scrambling to adjust their fall plans. Nearly half of campuses across the country are planning to offer limited, if any, face-to-face options for Fall semester. Canada’s Most Popular Bird Song (18:49) Guest: Ken Otter, Professor of Biology, University of Northern British Columbia A new song has swept across North America in record time. Among white-throated sparrows, that is. A version of the sparrow song that ends in two longer oscillating notes (rather than a succession of three quick ones) has become the dominant version sung by white-throated sparrows in the last twenty years. Such a change is very rare and scientists are still trying to figure out why it happened.  Internet of Elephants Makes Games to Promote Conservation (33:25) Guest: Gautam Shah, Founder, Internet of Elephants When you think of wildlife conservation, you may think of protection of land or animals. You may not think of video games. But a company from Kenya called Internet of Elephants is working to promote conservation through gaming. Apple Seed (52:44) Guest: Sam Payne, Host, Apple Seed, BYUradio How will we look back on and remember the first half of 2020? Nearly 6 Million More Homes at Risk for Flooding than Official Estimates (1:03:45) Guest: Jeremy Porter, PhD, Director of Research and Development, First Street Foundation Do you live in a flood zone that requires you to have flood insurance? Across the US about 9 million homes fit the bill, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But the real number of homes at high risk of catastrophic flooding is nearly twice that, based on new analysis by an independent group of hydrologists and data scientists. Washington’s NFL Team Will Finally Retire its Native American Name (1:23:13) Guest: Stephanie Fryberg, University Professor of Diversity and Social Transformation, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan After decades of criticism, the owner of the NFL team in Washington, DC has agreed to drop the name “Redskins.” Not so long ago, the team’s owners said they’d never cave to the pressure to change the name. What’s changed? And more importantly, why does it matter?