Encounters with the End
  • Feb 28, 2017 7:00 pm
  • 56:28 mins

Death can be devastating and should surely be approached with tenderness, but one of the many reasons that storytelling exists is to alleviate what fears we might have about dying. In the heroic cycle, the protagonist often descends into the underworld and returns, transformed, having a new knowledge and appreciation for mortality and its finitude. Encountering death as another chapter of life itself can help us appreciate the limited time we have, have a little more gratitude toward those around us and even keep us in good humors. Stories included on today's episode: Ol' Dry Frye An Appalachian folktale about a fried-chicken-loving preacher whose untimely demise sets into motion an tumultuous chain of events, performed by Tim Lowry. Learn more about Tim Lowry by visiting www.storytellertimlowry.com Auld Sailor Mary Gavan shares a story of a young nurse learns about death rites, compassion, and human connection. Our encounters with death can be disconcerting, but they can teach us great lessons in compassion and empathy. Learn more about Mary Gavan by visiting www.marycelticstory.ca How It Feels to Die, By One Who Has Tried It A short story by writer Grant Allen in 1852. Allen, was a Canadian science writer and novelist was a famed proponent of evolution and naturalism. Performed by BYUradio's very own Solomon Reynolds. The Watch This story from Martha Reed Johnson is about family and the preciousness of time and memory. Learn more about Martha Reed Johnson by visiting www.marthareedjohnson.com

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