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Time Off Work, Helping Kids Prepare for Their Future, Kids These Days, Halloween History

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 23, 2018 3:00 pm
  • 1:39:37

Important conversations and encouraging words to help you make every day a great one. Time Off Work (00:00) More than half of American workers are not using their earned vacation time. Elizabeth Grace Saunders says that one of the reasons people don’t take time off is because leaving work behind can be stressful. But she recommends a few things you can do to reduce your pre-vacation stress. Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the author of Divine Management, How to Invest Your Time Like Money, and 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment. She is a time management coach and the founder of Real Life E Time Coaching and Speaking. You can find out more at her website. Helping Kids Prepare for their Future Careers (15:31) A lot of college students and teenagers have a vague idea of what they want to do in life, but they’re still not really sure about the specifics of it all. Well-meaning family and friends will often ask “What are you studying?” which is pretty much a kinder way of saying What do you want to be when you grow up.” As parents, we need to be okay with some question marks in our children’s lives, but we also want them to feel confident about moving forward. Is there a right way to prepare our kids for their future careers? Here to discuss the research on this topic, is Jeanette Bennett. Jeanette is the founder and editor of Utah Valley Magazine, BusinessQ, Posper Magazine, and others, and is a regular presenter at The Lisa Valentine Clark show. Kids These Days (49:28) Kids seem to always be staring at a screen, what is capturing their attention? Dr. Kevin John is Director of Brigham Young University’s eye-tracking lab and an adjunct instructor for the School of Communications. He’s here to talk to us about the popular media kids are consuming and a dangerous, new social media trend. Tattoo Taboo (1:04:53) According to a recent poll, almost half of all millennials now have tattoos. This body-art has long been associated with self-expression and independence, yet it also has connections with gang activity and crime. Kristin Broussard, from St. Louis University, conducted a study attempting to identify exactly what the stigmas are for people with tattoos, and how true those stereotypes actually are. Kristin Broussard is a graduate assistant at the Reinart Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, and has researched stigma surrounding tattooed individuals. Halloween History (1:23:26) Halloween is coming up, and there’s signs of it everywhere. Carved pumpkins with spooky faces sit on peoples’ doorsteps, cobwebs hang from every corner, there’s seasonal candy for sale, and you’ll find aisles of cheap costumes wherever you look. It’s a fun time of year with a lot of traditions. But where do these traditions come from? Why do we carve Jack-o’-lanterns out of pumpkins? What even is candy corn? Here to answer these questions and more is Student Producer Kristen Evans.