Water 4.0, Nature and the Mind
  • Oct 30, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 1:42:40 mins

Water 4.0 (1:03) Guest: David Sedlak, PhD, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of California Berkeley and Author of Water 4.0  You turn on the tap, and voila, water flows. Unless our rates go up or the government imposes restrictions about when we’re allowed to water our lawns, we don’t really give the system of water much thought.  How, exactly, does it get to our faucets and spigots? And where does it go when we flush it away?  Nature and the Mind (51:12) Guest: Nalini Nadkarni, PhD, Professor of Biology at the University of Utah  What would happen if you could find a way to introduce nature into one of the most unnatural of places on earth – the bare concrete, windowless walls of a maximum security prison? What would happen if, instead of shuttling an agitated inmate off to solitary confinement, he was sent to a room with nature images projecting on the walls along with the sound of leaves rustling and streams gurgling?

Episode Segments