Jambalaya Three
  • Jan 29, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 57:19 mins

Stories included in this episode: Story: A Baker's Dozen Teller: Antoinette Griffin Website: www.storieswithantoinette.com Notes: A story about an Italian baker that'll make you hungry for more. Song: Wayfaring Stranger Teller: Mike Agranoff Website: www.mikeagranoff.com Notes: This folk song tells a different story to all who listen. Story: Why You Never Hear Rabbit Play the Banjo Teller: David Holt & Bill Mooney Website: www.davidholt.com billmooney.com Notes: David and Bill colloborate in a fun just-so story. Story: Animal Tales Teller: Laura Simms Website: www.laurasimms.com Notes: A tale about tails. Story: You'll Never Take Me Alive Teller: Pete Griffin Website: www.thestorytellingranger.com Notes: Growing up in rural Michigan. Story: The Crow Teller: Joe Herrington Website: www.joeherrington.com Notes: A tale from the Coahuiltecan Native American tradition. Story: The Squire's Bride Teller: Heather Forest Website:www.heatherforest.com Notes: A Norwegian tale about a farmer's daughter who prizes her independence and the freedom of her heart.