Words and Music
  • Sep 11, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 58:13 mins

Stories told through words and music, recorded live at festivals and performances across the country. Stories included in this episode: Kim Weitkamp Song: Sometimes I Dream Teller:  Kim Weitkamp Site: www.kimweitkamp.com Notes: A song from the larger narrative, "The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway." Kim and Reggie Harris Story: The People Could Fly (including the song "Now Let Me Fly") Teller:  Kim and Reggie Harris Site: www.kimandreggie.com Notes: Recorded live at the 2013 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Diane Edgecomb & Margot Chamberlain Story: Verdant Groves & Evergreen Teller: Diane Edgecomb & harpist Margot Chamberlain  Site: livingmyth.com Notes: A Shaker hymn accompanied by a Cherokee folk tale. Kevin Kling Story: Camelot Teller:  Sam Payne Site: www.sampayne.com Notes: An original story about the nuances of catching the performing bug, featuring the song, "The Book of Love" written by Stephen Merritt. Kevin Kling Story: The Pheasant's Bell Teller:  Alton Chung Site: www.altonchung.com Notes: A recording from Casanova's Restaurant on Maui. Doug Elliott Story/Song: David Holt & Doc Watson Teller: The Train That Carried My Girl from Town Site: www.davidholt.com/mentors/doc-watson Notes: Doc and David take us home with their prolific musicality.