Dragon Castle
  • Sep 22, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Often times we’re told to follow our hearts, but what happens when our hearts lead us astray? In today’s story by Peter J. Parker, a good king has to learn this lesson when he finds a new queen that slowly begins to show her true colors over time. In the end, it takes a dragon, a knight, and of course, true love to conquer the wicked queen. We’ll also hear stories by Laura Simms and Alton Chung. On today's episode of The Apple Seed, enjoy the following: “Punia and Kaialeale” by Alton Chung on Tales from Lanai (12:21) When Punia and his mother want lobsters for dinner, Punia sets out to get some from the nearby sea, however this requires swimming through the evil shark Kaialeale and his minions.  “Dragon Castle” by Peter J. Parker on Panryl the Wizard (17:37) When the good king sets out to find a new wife, he falls deeply in love with a woman who gives him a “special love potion” every night. But when she throws a huge ball, the king, the princess, and a certain young knight find themselves in serious trouble.  “The Black Prince” by Laura Simms on Making Peace - Heart Uprising (15:56) When Laura showed up for a storytelling gig, it’s not what she expected and she’s tempted to leave as soon as she can. But a particular man in the crowd catches her eye and Laura can tell that this man needs a story. So she tells the story of a flute player in ancient Egypt... "The Sausage" by Sam Payne (5:22) What would you do with three wishes? Would you wish for something grand for yourself or others? Or would you just end up wasting them, just like the protagonists of this old story?