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Leading Brain, Future of Drones, White-Collar Criminals

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Oct 23, 2017 4:00 pm
  • 2:26:04

The Leading Brain (15:55) Friederike Fabritius is the leading Neuroleadership expert at the Munich Leadership Group. As an executive coach and leadership specialist, she has extensive expertise working with top executives from multinational corporations such as Bayer, Audi, Montblanc, and EY. A neuropsychologist by education, Friederike focuses on developing new methods and practices for leadership development based on solid scientific findings.  Leadership has long been treated as an art, a fuzzy philosophy based more on fads than on facts. That accounts for the endless stream of “game-changing” management books that seem to come and go almost as rapidly as Paris fashions. It also explains why today’s leadership guru is often tomorrow’s forgotten footnote. But effective leadership isn’t an art. It’s a science. Friederike Fabritius discusses the ideas in her book The Leading Brain, which will help us learn how to become better leaders and reach our full potential.  Future of Drones (1:06:25) Michael Braasch, Ph.D., is a professor of electrical engineering at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He has been conducting navigation system research for the past 30 years and for the past 15 years, his research has included drones. We have heard news stories regarding people shooting drones that they see their property or organizations asking that drones not be used on their property. Although drones were once used only by the military, they are taking on a new role in society such as dropping off packages at your front door.  Are drones the future?  Michael Braasch explains. The Psychology of White-Collar Criminals (1:53:52) Eugene F. Soltes, Ph.D., is a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. His research focuses on how individuals and organizations confront and overcome challenging situations.  White-collar criminals are categorized as businessmen or government officials who commit a financially motivated but nonviolent crime. Eugene F. Soltes interviewed 50 former executives about their crimes to learn how they tick.  Dr. Soltes, author of the book Why They Do It: Inside The Mind of the White-Collar Criminal, dives deeper into the stories of these once seemingly successful business leaders.