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Missouri National Recreation River, Kids in Sports, Treating Diabetes, Stay-at-Home Dads, Working for Yourself, Teen Spending

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 27, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:16

Missouri National Recreational River (0:00:00) Rick Clark, the superintendent of the Missouri National Recreational River, explains the history of the river and the best ways to plan your visit. Kids in Sports (0:13:54) Travis Dorsch, former NFL player and professor at Utah State University, discusses the difficulties with youth sports, and the benefits of being a part of a team as a child. Treating Diabetes (0:33:20) Dr. John Poothullil, retired physician and author of "Diabetes: The Real Cause and the Right Cure," talks about what he sees as the difficulties in modern diabetic treatment and what he proposes instead. Stay-at-Home Dads (0:50:38) President of the National At Home Dad Network, Jonathan Heisey-Grove, talks about the difficulties with being a stay-at-home dad, and what the benefits are of being one. Working for Yourself (1:06:37) Motivational speaker and author Ganel-Lyn Condie gives advice for people who want to start working for themselves, are currently working for themselves, or who are close to someone who is trying to work for themself. Teen Spending (1:29:25) Jack E. Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA, discusses why teenagers struggle to save money, and what apps can help them be more finanically responsible.