The Puka and the Pennywhistle

The Puka and the Pennywhistle

The Apple Seed

Fairies and Tales

Episode: Fairies and Tales

  • Nov 6, 2020 2:00 am
  • 8:16 mins

“The Puka and the Pennywhistle” by Brian "Fox" Ellis from Under an Irish Oak (7:11) Which is more important? Money or ability? One could argue either way, and there are strong cases for both. Money can make more money. Ability can end up making money too. But one thing remains clear, you can’t get anywhere with either without action. However, sometimes, a little bit of help is needed to take that first step. Brian Ellis tells of a boy who plays the pennywhistle. He’s quite bad at the beginning, and it isn’t until he stumbles upon a magical gathering during the longest night of the year that he is able to take his pennywhistle to a new level.