To Everything There is a Season

The Apple Seed
  • Apr 2, 2021
  • 56:50

Welcome to the Apple Seed, full of stories for you and your family to enjoy. Since 2013 we’ve been bringing you tall tales, personal tales, fairy tales, historical tales and more. All kinds of tales, from all kinds of tellers. In today’s episode, we’ll be bringing you a Scottish Jack tale from Jess Smith, a Norse myth from Beatrice Bowles, a personal tale from Syd Lieberman, and an Italian folk tale from Norah Dooley. We hope this story-filled hour will spark memories that you can share with the people you love. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “The Cruel Miller” by Jess Smith from Dragonory (13:42) Radio Family Journal: "Mercedes Benz" by Sam Payne (5:00) The Daily Mix: "No Time" with Don Shelline (7:00) “Iduna and the Magic Apples” by Beatrice Bowles from Heaven’s A Garden in the Heart (10:29) “To Everything There Is a Season” by Syd Lieberman from LiebermanLive (9:42) “Rozzone’s Rotten Luck” by Norah Dooley from Italian Folktales: Stories Nobody Told Me (4:51)