Cryogenic Carbon, Addiction Recovery

Cryogenic Carbon, Addiction Recovery

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 4, Episode 243

  • Oct 30, 2015 1:00 pm
  • 2:19:19 mins

Cryogenic Carbon and Climate Change (13:32)  Dr. Larry Baxter is a Professor of chemical engineering at BYU. He researches Sustainable Energy, Carbon Capture, Energy Storage, Biomass and Coal Combustion. Dr. Baxter has developed technology that may just be the answer to the world’s climate changes. This approach, which industry experts call, “a game changer”, separates carbon dioxide from other gases, preventing it from escaping into the air by freezing it at -130 degree Celsius temperatures. Dr. Baxter explains this new process to Dr. Townsend and how it can help with climate change.  Addiction Recovery (1:00:42)  Christine Dixon and her husband have been group leaders for a 12 step addiction recovery program through a religious organization for several years.  Served in the prison and local churches, and has sat in on probably hundreds of addiction recovery meetings. Teaches the family support group meetings at the Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Recovery center in Sandy, Utah. Christine Dixon talks with Dr. Townsend about how families can help those recovering from addiction.  Parent Previews: Halloween (1:44:47) Rod Gustafson from Parent Previews joins the show to look at Halloween movies that the whole family can enjoy.  Meet the Producers (1:53:43) Student producer Caitlin Thomas and Liana Tan join Dr. Townsend to talk about how younger people are paying into social security that they will never benefit from. They also get Matt to share embarrassing stories.

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