Hungry Like the Wolf
  • Apr 12, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 57:07 mins

You’re probably familiar with the word “hangry” and even if you’re not you’re familiar with the concept. It’s that feeling when you’re getting a little cranky or on edge because you haven’t eaten, an emotion most often demonstrated in young children and babies, but certainly not limited to that age range. It’s not even an emotion limited humans. Just think of wolf in the Three Little Pigs. He gets pretty frustrated when after all his huffing and puffing he doesn't get a dinner in the end and in this episode we've got stories for you about other ravenous rivals. Jack and the Dragon Man by Octavia Sexton (1:39) Jack and his brothers go off to make a living and run into some trouble when an incredibly large man swoops into their cabin and steals their supper. Learn more about Octavia Sexton by visiting: Rice Balls by Connie Regan-Blake (22:00) A little old woman has to outsmart some hungry oni in order to win her rice balls back. Learn more about Connie Regan-Blake by visiting: The Man in the Moon In Love by Ed Stivender (33:20) The man in the moon falls in love with a lady on earth, but the greedy glutonous man in the sun stands in the way of them being together. Learn more about Ed Stivender by visiting: Epaminandus by Donna Washington (42:30) A young boy tries to follow his mother's instructions exactly but it only leads to her exasperation. Learn more about Donna Washington by visiting:

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