There for You
  • Dec 29, 2018 3:00 am
  • 56:44 mins

This hour of stories, music, and conversation begins with a Radio Family Journal entry: a remembrance of sorts for Reed and Loa Fae Palmer, whose joint funeral was attended by all the kids whose bikes Reed had supplied and repaired. The kids had festooned their bikes with yellow ribbons and shown up to the funeral in their Sunday best, a serious way to honor the couple they had come to love, and to whom they were now saying farewell. We’ll also meet a bunch of kids from the Castle Valley Acting Company, and we’ll sit in on a production of theirs featuring Robin Hood stories. We’ll talk to some of them about their work, and to their director, Catlin Iverson. And we’ll hear a great conversation with Grammy-winning storyteller, author, musician, and performer Bill Harley. And, of course, you’ll hear music from the songwriting team of Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler.