Always and Never
  • Mar 21, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 53:45 mins

Wisdom is gained through experience. A good story can expose us to lessons we’d rather not learn the hard way. Thankfully, we’re not alone in our experiences which is why proverbs and folktales often go hand-in-hand. And today, we’d like to share some of that folklore and some of those proverbs and lessons with you through stories about never saying never and always being prepared. Stories included in this episode:  Clever Bird's Counsel A clever bird shares some advice and then puts it in practice. Learn more about Pam Faro by visiting Never Give Up A Russian folktale from Australian teller, Jenni Cargill-Strong, about a very persistent frog. Learn more about Jenni Cargill-Strong by visiting You'll Never Take Me Alive A humorous story by Pete Griffin about being resolute in Michigan. Find more of his work by visiting Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together Life is often more complicated than just never and always. Learn more about Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss by visiting Bigger Badder Better There’s always someone bigger/badder/better than you, according to Kirk Waller. Find more of his work by visiting The Grass is Always Greener In this story from Syd Lieberman, Syd and his Peace Corps companions learn how a little perspective can go a long way. Learn more about the late Syd Lieberman by visiting

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