High Uintas Mountaineering

High Uintas Mountaineering

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High Uintas Mountaineering, Go Set a Watchman

Episode: High Uintas Mountaineering, Go Set a Watchman

  • Jul 21, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 30:00 mins

Guest: Cordell Andersen has been working on his High Uintas Wilderness Project for the last 13 years. You can follow his progress on his blog.  When you picture your retirement, where do you see yourself? On a beach? In a condo where you don’t have any yard work? Traveling the world? How about backpacking alone for weeks at a time? That’s how Cordell Andersen is spending his golden years. It’s a dream he envisioned as a teenager—documenting with his camera every corner of the High Uintas Wilderness Area of northeastern Utah. He shares his findings on a blog and has become something of a celebrity among outdoor enthusiasts here in Utah.