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Peaceful Muslims, Unboiling Eggs, Drones, Economic Success

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Feb 17, 2015
  • 01:42:52

Peaceful Muslims Guest: Ruth Nasrullah, Freelance Journalist and Communications Director of the Houston Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations  Another horrifying video is being circulated by ISIS that shows 21 several dozen Egyptian Christians executed on a beach in Libya.  Tomorrow in Washington, President Obama will host a White House summit on Countering Violent Extremism. The meeting has come under criticism from Muslim groups who say their faith is too much the target of summit discussion. This is a difficult time for peaceful Muslims in America and abroad who find themselves maligned, misunderstood, and even tragically murdered because of their faith.  “The Texas Muslim Capitol Day is the opportunity for some to visit the state capitol, meet with their state representative, and discuss issues of concern,” says Nasrullah. But first time visitors received more than they bargained for when protestors rallied outside to scream and harass them. “They were protesting everything about us—that we were Muslim, that we were there, that we were being a part of the system. The really sad thing was there were many children there,” reflected Nasrullah, “and it was their first time visiting the capitol, and meeting representatives, and when they saw these protestors screaming, some actually cried. It was a tough start to the day.”  “It’s not often a child would have to face that kind of protest. But when they are questioned in school, I think they need to reach from their teachings from their religion and the prophet Mohamed,” says Nasrullah.  “I can only be horrified when anyone kills for any reason at all. Islam is a religion of mercy, so when I see things that ISIS does, I know that they aren’t practicing the religion I know because it is a religion of mercy,” says Nasrullah on ISIS.  Unboiling Eggs and Cancer Treatment Guest: Gregory Weiss, Professor of Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine  How to boil an egg is among the simplest first lessons a home cook learns. Unboiling the egg, is certainly not. A team at the University of California, Irvine, in partnership with Australian chemists, recently published a paper in the journal ChemBioChem explaining how to turn a boiled hen egg back into liquid to help reduce costs in cancer treatments.  “I’m really interested in the proteins that drive cancer cells to become tumors. Those kinds of protein cells,” says Weiss, “are truly evil. I want develop things that will detect those kinds of proteins so we can quickly diagnose the cancer.”  Storytelling Guest: Sam Payne, Host of The Apple Seed  Storyteller Bil Lepp tells about “The Armadillo Recon Unit”  Drone Law Guest: Tim McLain, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at BYU and Director of the “Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems”  Over the weekend, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed new rules for operating small commercial drones. Until now, the FAA has cracked down on private businesses or hobbyists flying the unmanned aircraft. The proposed rules would allow people to use drones in limited circumstances, though it will likely be several years before the regulations are official and the air begins to buzz with machines.  “I think it’s pretty clear there needs to be some regulations as to where and how these aircrafts need to be flown. The rules that were released this weekend is a good start,” says McLain.  Family Impacts Economic Success W. Bradford Wilcox, Sociologist and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia  “When you’re looking at raising kids, it’s much easier to do with two parents in the home,” says Wilcox.  “Married men tend to make 16,000 dollars more than their single peers,” whereas for women, “there is no personal financial advantage of getting married, or any penalty,” explains Wilcox.  “In general we found, kids in a single parent family tend to do worse,” says Wilcox, “as compared to a two parent family, doing the best.” Show More...

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