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War Goes Viral, Chore Wars, Parent Previews

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Feb 3, 2017 5:00 pm
  • 2:24:01

War Goes Viral (15:18) Emerson T. Brooking is a research fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, studying the intersection of social media and conflict. His research interests include information warfare; social media and virality; the history of propaganda; and the relationship between the internet and politics. The power of social media is amazing! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumbler all get information out fast and on a global scale. The internet has made the world a smaller place, affecting everything, including war. Emerson T. Brooking explains how war has gone viral. Makena Bauss - Peanut or Not to Peanut (40:50) Recently health experts have giving parents new guidelines on when to expose children to peanuts to help avoid allergies. The experts are saying to begin feeding foods containing peanut powder or extract during infancy in hopes of reducing a child’s risk for allergy. Producer Makena Bauss and Dr. Townsend discuss taking a measured approach with the guidance of a doctor. Are Chore Wars at Home Holding You Back at Work? (1:03:05) Rebecca Shambaugh is an internationally recognized leadership expert, author, and keynote speaker. Rebecca is President of SHAMBAUGH, a global leadership development organization and Founder of Women In Leadership and Learning (WILL), one of the first executive leadership development programs in the country, dedicated to the research, advancement, and retention of women leaders and executives. The average American spends over 2 hours doing chores every day. But how you divide those chores can have a profound impact on your relationships and your career. Here to explain is Rebecca Shambaugh, author of the Harvard Business Review article, “Are Chore Wars at Home Holding You Back at Work?" Liana Tan - Friend Zone (1:31:25) The Friend Zone is defined as "a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic interest in the other." It can be a tough place to be for a guy who wants more out of a relationship that just being a friend. Producer Liana Tan interviews one of her "friend's" to provide a deeper look inside "The Friend Zone." Parent Previews - The Space Between Us and Queen of Katwe (1:52:18) Rod Gustafson from Parent Previews joins the show to review the new movie The Space Between Us(\\) and the video release Queen of Katwe.