Snow Day
  • Dec 9, 2013 7:00 am
  • 56:21 mins

It's the storm of the century on The Apple Seed! This episode takes you through every kid's favorite surprise holiday--Snow Day! When the schools close and blizzard conditions turn the neighborhood into a winter wonderland, there's nothing to do but put on your boots and your stocking cap and go sledding with the neighbor kids. These stories follow a full snow day, from the realization that school is cancelled to climbing into bed on a winter night. Kevin Kling Story 1: Snow Day Teller: Kevin Kling Site: Notes: When a young Minnesota boy wakes up to an absolute blizzard, he knows it can only mean one thing--it's hockey time. Kim Weitkamp Story 2: The Forbidden Souped Up Sled Ride Teller: Kim Weitkamp Site: Notes about this story: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Kim's Forbidden Souped-Up Sled Ride! Bill Harley Story 3: The Great Sled Race Teller: Bill Harley Site: Notes: When Danny and Bill get the same sled for the holidays, it can only lead to one thing--the greatest sled race of all time. Michael Reno Harrell Story 4: 13 Quilts Teller: Michael Reno Harrell Site: Notes: At the end of a cold winter day, it's good to have a few extra quilts and blankets on your bed. Or maybe more than a few.