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Education vs Learning, Christmas Message, Elba, Lawrence of Arabia

Constant Wonder
  • Dec 6, 2019
  • 01:41:16

Learn How to Learn Guest: Barbara Oakley, Professor, Engineering, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, author, "Learning How to Learn," creator of MOOC "Learning How to Learn" School got you down? Take heart, because anyone can learn how to learn.  Joe Moran’s Alternative Christmas Message Guest: Joe Moran, Professor, English and Cultural History, Liverpool John Moores University A message from Liverpool John Moores University on how education brings people together, just as Christmas does. See the video message here: Retired Gastroenterologist Help Budding Musicians Guest: Arnold (Arnie) Rosen, founder of Band Grandpas Dr. Arnold Rosen was in the middle of performing a colonoscopy when he suddenly thought, “When I retire, I want to be a ‘Band Grandpa.’” He met with Rockford Public Schools and helped coordinate other volunteers to start Band Grandpas, a program that allows Arnold and other adults to come help teach music to middle school students. Napoleon on Elba Guest: Mark Braude, author, "The Invisible Emperor: Napoleon on Elba from Exile to Escape" Napoleon Bonaparte once sat astride Europe from Spain to Moscow, with millions dead in his wake. He changed Europe’s culture and politics forever. Then in 1814, the world rose up to defeat him at Waterloo and exiled on a little island called Elba, just off the coast of Italy. Napoleon on Elba is really a miniseries waiting to be written and filmed. What do you do with a man this dangerous once you've caught him? Not what they did on Elba. The Real Lawrence of Arabia Guest: Eugene Rogan, Professor, Modern Middle Eastern History, and Director, Middle East Centre, University of Oxford Few stories have inspired more wonder and awe than the story of T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. Winston Churchill said about Lawrence of Arabia, “I deem him one of the greatest beings alive in our time . . . we shall never see his like again. His name will live in history. It will live in the annals of war. . . . It will live in the legends of Arabia.” Here's the story behind the legend. Show More...

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