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Memories of the Civil Rights Struggle, Canada Turns 150

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Dec 28, 2017

Memories of the Civil Rights Struggle (Originally aired Sep. 15, 2017) Guests: Samuel Walker, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska at Omaha; J. Bonner Ritchie, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behavior, Marriott School of Business, Brigham Young University, Former Dean, Woodbury School of Business, Utah Valley University A viral photo taken during the race-related protests in Charlottesville made an impression on a lot of people. In the background, you can see a man raising his arm in a Nazi salute, another wears a scarlet KKK hood, and a third holds a Confederate flag. Standing calmly in front of them, guarding a barrier to protect the protesters, is a police officer in uniform. And he’s black. He’s protecting the free speech rights of men who wish him harm.    So much in that image speaks to the progress of race relations in America – and the work left to be done. This hour we’re going to reflect on some of that work from the perspective of two men whose rights were never threatened; they are white, but became allies in the Civil Rights Movement. And what they learned during those years of struggle lead them to work for peace and justice throughout their academic careers. Canada Turns 150 (Originally aired Sep. 15, 2017) Guests: Earl Fry, PhD, Professor of Political Science, Brigham Young University; Chris Hodson, PhD, Professor of History, Brigham Young Unversity; Brenden Rensink, PhD, Professor of History, Brigham Young University; Dale Cressman, PhD, Professor of Communications, Brigham Young University Canada doesn’t get much love or attention from us Americans, but this is an hour spent celebrating and discussing the 150th anniversary of our neighbor to the north. There’s an awful lot to Canada beyond maple syrup, hockey and handsome young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Together these experts know what life is like and how Canada varies from east to west. Plus, Greg Wrubell, voice of the Cougars shares memories of his childhood in Canada and even sings its national anthem for us! BONUS! Hear BYUradio's Voice of the Cougars Greg Wrubell sing "O Canada" and talk about why he loves being Canadian