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On Trails, Mirror World, Flesh-Eating Bacteria, History of Monopoly

Constant Wonder
  • Sep 24, 2019 8:00 pm
  • 1:41:04

Wondering and Wandering on Trails Guest: Robert Moor, author, “On Trails: An Exploration” Hiking the length of the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine is quite the feat, but that was only the beginning of a seven-year exploration from Robert Moor that took him across trails of all kinds, from ant to cow to horse to human. Mirror World (originally aired March 20, 2019) Guest: Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick, You’ve probably seen virtual reality or VR goggles pop up in commercials and shopping malls as the next big thing. But have you ever wondered about where all this new tech can take us through augmented reality? Will our future merge the digital and real worlds into one experience through augmented reality technology?  Climate Change and Flesh-Eating Bacteria Guest: Rachel Noble, Distinguished Professor of Marine Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences Vibrio, also known as flesh-eating bacteria, normally lives in warm, brackish waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Recently, however, with sea temperatures on the rise, it is spreading to Atlantic waters and causing more infections. How worried should we be? The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Game Guest: Mary Pilon, author, “The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World's Favorite Board Game”  What has long been one of America’s favorite pastimes is not as innocent as it seems. The history of Monopoly is as messy and fraught with deception and scandal as any monopoly ever was.