Muddy, Miserable, Majestic
  • Apr 20, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 50:46 mins

The Civil War’s Defining Battle Was Not Gettysburg Guest: Donald L. Miller, John Henry MacCracken Emeritus Professor of History, Lafayette College, and author, "Vicksburg: Grant’s Campaign that Broke the Confederacy in Pennsylvania" What placed the dagger in the heart of the Confederacy? The battle at Gettysburg? No, according to historian Donald L. Miller, it was Grant’s successful campaign for Vicksburg that broke the Confederacy. Forgotten Mississippi Flood Guest: Rory Doyle, independent photojournalist based in Cleveland, Mississippi We listen back to a conversation with Rory Doyle, whose photoessay appeared in "The Guardian," depicting the struggles of the residents of the Yazoo backwater area who dealt with flood waters over 859 square miles for much of 2019.