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Hospital Drug Shortages, English Channel Swimmer, Fish Witness to Climate Change

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Jan 24, 2018
  • 1:41:06

Hospitals Take Drug Shortages By the Horns Guest: Erin Fox, PharmD, Senior Director, Drug Information and Support Services, University of Utah Health, Professor of Pharmacology Several of the largest hospital systems in the country have just announced they’re going to create their own nonprofit drug company because they are sick of having critical drugs suddenly become unavailable or jump drastically in price. The collaboration includes Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and several large Catholic hospital systems that operate in dozens of states. It’s an unusual move that could bring big changes to the healthcare system, if it works. English Channel Swimmer Guest: Kurt Dickson, MD, Emergency Medicine Doctor, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Some people, when they turn 50, save up some money and splurge on a nice trip to Europe. BYU alum Kurt Dickson spent money, instead, on a very cold swim across the English Channel with some jellyfish, but no sharks, because the water's too cold for sharks. Kurt Dickson's chilly 21-mile channel swim took a bit over 10 hours.  Evidence of Climate Change in Alaskan Fish Guest: Mark Belk, PhD, Professor of Biology, Brigham Young University If you’re looking for evidence of climate change, head to Alaska, says BYU biology professor Mark Belk. He’s spent the last five summers on Alaska’s Admiralty Island, where there are more grizzly bears than humans. He takes BYU student scientists up to troll the waters of the Gulf of Alaska and the fish they reel in are telling a story about the changing environment. Your State’s Road Safety Ranking Guest: Cathy Chase, President, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety American roads had been getting safer over the last decade. Traffic fatalities were steadily declining, thanks to more seat belt use and safety technology like air bags coming standard in cars. But then, in 2015 and 2016, US Department of Transportation data showed traffic fatalities on the rise again. What's behind the increase? What can states do to make their roads more safe? Disney and Media Consolidation Guest: Margot Susca, PhD, Professorial Lecturer, School of Communication, American University You’ve probably heard that Disney is planning to buy 21st Century Fox, which means even more of what we see on TV and at the Cineplex will have Mickey’s fingerprints on it. Consolidation has been the name of the game in media for decades now and American University communications professor Margot Susca finds it worrisome. Worlds Awaiting: Forthcoming Books in 2018 and Read-Aloud Events Guest: Rachel Wadham, Host, Worlds Awaiting, BYUradio Find out what books Rachel is looking forward to this year. Also, the importance of reading aloud to children.