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Reading with Writing, Reading Tips for College

Worlds Awaiting
  • Sep 23, 2017 5:00 pm
  • 29:06

Reading with Writing (3:37) In a perfect world for children, learning to read would come hand-in-glove with learning to write. Taking notes about things we hear or read makes it easier for us to remember and even helps in developing good character traits and virtues. Our first guest, Educator and author Mary Bigler, talks to Rachel about a great way to get added value from reading aloud to children. She recommends taking things just a little further, as she’ll explain. She also has some great book recommendations. Once a pre-school teacher and now a professor, Bigler has spent her life promoting literacy and celebrating the joys of teaching. She’s an award-winning professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University and author of Lessons Learned. Reading Tips for College (15:29) Next, Rachel welcomes Literacy Learning Specialist, Marné Isakson who talks about what we can do as adults to help our teens prepare for the reading rigors of college. Freshman often experience quite a shock when they encounter the kinds of books that await them in the world of higher education. Isakson earned a master’s in Educational Psychology and Research from Bucknell University and a Ph.D. in Instructional Science and Literacy Education from Brigham Young University. She has an English as a Second Language (or ESL) endorsement and has been involved in a seven-year research project exploring college reading. Favorite Places to Read (23:14) Finally Mark Burns, Host of “Special Collections” on BYURadio, talks to us. Mark recently conducted an informal survey about people’s favorite places to read. Maybe he’ll even tell us about where he likes to read!