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Justice vs. Law, Learned Mindfulness, Power of Vulnerability

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Feb 6, 2018 5:00 pm
  • 2:24:32

Why Justice is More Important than the Rule of Law (19:12) Klaus Mladek, Ph.D., is a professor of Comparative Literature and German Studies at Dartmouth College and a Public Voices Fellow with The Op-Ed Project. His research focuses on 18th through 20th-century political theory, literature, and law, philosophy and psychoanalysis. Americans are feeling more and more stressed.  A study last year confirmed that people are most worried about the “Future of the nation” and the “current social divisiveness.”   Most people say this is because the rule of law is being ignored.  But what is the rule of law and how does it relate to justice?  Klaus Mladek explains justice versus the rule of law. Learned Mindfulness (1:08:24) Frank John Ninivaggi MD is an associate attending physician at Yale-New Haven Hospital, an assistant clinical professor of child psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine’s Child Study Center and the psychiatric director of the Devereux-Glenholme School in Washington, Connecticut. He is in private practice in New Haven and teaches at Yale. He is a regular contributor to Psychology Today online and is the author of the book, Making Sense of Emotion: Innovating Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Ninivaggi talks about the benefits of learned mindfulness. Power of Vulnerability (1:57:02) Jeff Manchester has been a professional consultant for 20 years, helping professional athletes and over 1,000 company presidents and CEO. He is the co-author of the book The Power of Vulnerability. In today’s society, many people think that vulnerability is a weakness in leaders. However, if people can’t see vulnerability or authenticity in their leaders, they will feel disconnected. The more leaders show their authentic selves, the more their team will achieve. Here Jeff Manchester talks about the power of vulnerability.