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Making Better Small Talk, Money Anxiety, Child Development

The Lisa Show
  • Feb 21, 2019
  • 01:40:42
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Dry Bar Comedy (00:00) Are you in need of a little bit of humor in your life? Comedian Mike Brody talks about what it takes to inspire a good laugh. Making Better Small Talk (17:02) Sick of all the small talk? Dr. Michael Pirson tells us how to gain more confidence while conversing with others. Money Anxiety (34:39) Do you often find yourself worrying about your finances? Jean Chatzky, financial editor of NBC’s TODAY Show, helps us understand how to tackle our anxiety surrounding money. Child Development (50:35) Emily Taylor helps us understand how to communicate with young children and how to help them grow and develop into well rounded humans. Don’t Let Them Get You Down (1:22:46) Feeling bogged down by all the negative out there? Dr. Andrea Polard gives us the tools we need to choose positivity and optimism, even during challenging times. Show More...

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