Jambalaya Seventeen
  • May 14, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 55:40 mins

Stories and interviews included in this episode: Kirk Waller Story 1: Uncle Cleo Teller: Kirk Waller Site: www.kirkwaller.com Notes: A story about the origin of common sense. Susi Wolf Story 2: "Lotus on the Roof" and "Old Man and the Drum" Teller: Susi Wolf Site: http://www.wolfsongcreative.com/ Notes: A couple tales of Sufi and Hindu wisdom. Barry Stewart Mann Story 3: Captain Cauliflower Teller: Barry Stewart Mann Site: http://www.barrystewartmann.com/ Notes: A pirate ship made of junk food takes a beating from Captain Cauliflower and his band of veggie vagrants. Robin Bady Interview 1: Robin Bady Site: http://www.robinbady.com/ Notes: Brooklyn storyteller Robin Bady discusses her heritage and her performance style with Sam Payne. Madeline Pots Story 4: The Snow Queen Teller: Madeline Pots Site: http://www.madelinelpots.com/ Notes: As a child Madeline auditioned for the part of the Snow Queen, and classroom politics get in the way of her dreams.