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Presidential Narcissism, Racial Bias, Growing up Social

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Oct 1, 2015
  • 02:22:41

A Research-backed Guide to Picking the Next President (14:46) Dr. Craig Malkin is an Instructor in Psychology for Harvard Medical School. After teaching in local universities, Dr. Malkin became a Chief Psychologist at Harvard Medical School’s Cambridge Hospital, in Cambridge Massachusetts. He is the President and director of his own therapy and consulting company, YM Psychotherapy and Consultation, Inc., which he owns and operates with his wife, Dr. Jennifer Leigh. Dr. Malkin outlines the dos and don’ts of picking our next leader by helping us understand the good and bad traits of narcissism. Ignorance of Racially Biased Decision-Making (1:01:41) Liz Redford, Social Psychology grad student at the University of Florida says, “Typically, when a consequence is unexpected, the perpetrator is considered less at fault. When it came to racial bias, however, participants assigned responsibility regardless of awareness.” Liz works at the Attitudes and Social Cognition lab, a core research and administrative center for the web-based Project Implicit and teaches us more about how to be more sensitive, aware, and morally responsible. Growing up Social (1:47:01) Arlene Pellicane earned her BA from Biola University and her Masters in Journalism from Regent University. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Arlene worked as the Associate Producer for Turning Point Television and along with co-authoring the book, “Growing up Social,” Arlene has authored “31 Days to a Happy Husband” and “31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife.” Arlene Pellicane is with us today to help us figure out how to raise relational kids in a screen-driven world. Show More...

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