Improving Body Image

Improving Body Image

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Improving Body Image and the 2021 Oscars

Episode: Improving Body Image and the 2021 Oscars

  • Apr 23, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 15:32 mins

How we feel about our bodies can affect us from our youth through our later adult years. Thanks to movies, magazines, and now social media, we are constantly faced with unrealistic body standards that we compare ourselves with. We see unattainable beauty as desirable and “perfect”. We even live in an age where we idolize celebrities who have changed their natural figures completely. So how can we, with all of this, have a positive opinion of our own body? Today we will be talking with Charlotte Markey, a professor of psychology and founding director of the health sciences center at Rutgers University, where she teaches a course on The Psychology of Eating. She is an author of multiple books, including her latest one, "The Body Image Book for Girls: Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless."