Microbial Life, A Drummer's Life
  • Jan 28, 2017
  • 1:43:24 mins

Microbial Roots of Life Guest: David Montgomery, Professor of Geomorphology, University of Washington; Anne Biklé, Biologist and Environmental Planner; Authors of the book, “The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health” Microbes are bad news when they make us sick. But scientists are beginning to realize that microbes are also really important to our health. In fact, our guests this hour say our war on microbes over the last century has really undercut some of the foundations of life.  In our bodies, bacteria and other microbes outnumber our own cells at least three to one. In one handful of fertile soil, there are more bacteria than there are people who live in Africa, India and China combined. What do they do? And what happens when we wipe them out of our bodies or soil?  For more information visit dig2grow.com. A Drummer’s Life Guest: Matt Coleman, Percussionist, Professor in the School of Music, BYU Anonymity is the lot of most drummers, isn’t it? Aside from the occasional solo, they’re mostly just a presence at the back of the stage, keeping the whole thing together, driving it forward, not attracting attention and rarely getting the credit they deserve. So today, we’re shining a spotlight on drummers. If you want to hear more from Coleman and you happen to live in Utah, check out his upcoming faculty recital at BYU on February 24, 2017.