Utah Baroque Ensemble
  • Mar 30, 2012 2:00 am
  • 43:26 mins

Our studio was full tonight with the 34 singers of the Utah Baroque ensemble, along with a piano, cello, and harpsichord! The Utah Baroque Ensemble specializes in the performance of early sacred music, with an emphasis on Johann Sebastian Bach. They’ve toured in England, Wales, Italy, and Germany, and they’ve performed in well-known sacred places such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster, Bath Abbey, the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.  Martha Sargent has conducted the Ensemble since its founding in 1987, and shares with host Tim Slover some favorite memories of her labor of love. Also featured in our interview is singer Chris Bradford, who shares his musical background including performing in Cairo as a boy.  Repertoire: Jesu, dulcis memoria – Tomas Luis de Victoria; Cantata 4: Christ lig in Todesbanden – Johann Sebastian Bach; I Sat Down Under His Shadow – Edward Bairstow; Angels Visit When We Sing – Elenor Daley; O, Cruel Thorns – Gaylen Hatton; Abba – Craig Courtney; Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem – Charles Stanford; Little Lamb – Traditional arr. Bartholomew;  Musicians: Martha Sargent (conductor), Julie Bevan (cello), Jerri Bearce (piano and harpsichord)  Singers: Lucy Bradford, Raelen Card, Jennifer Douglas, Andrea Draper, Tiffany Gale, Holly Harvey, Janell Johnson, Marilyn King, Emilee Knell, Tina Raisor, Susan Abbott,  Patty Adams, Leslie Bettweiser, Elaine Craig, Kay Honaker, Teresa Kocherhans, Shaune Phelps, Jannette Sherman, Diane Teichert, Diane Wilde, Richard Adams, Chris Bradford, Brian Colton, Nels Draper, Dustin Halliday, Glen Moultrie, Ben McMurry, Doug Bradford, Jim Cannon, John Colton, Randy Honaker, Steve Humphries, Tom Thurston  Follow Highway 89 on twitter @byuh89