National Parks, Speaking so People Listen, Financial Failure, Decor Tricks, Storytelling, Mini Book Club, NASA Launch, Human Trafficking

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 515

  • Jul 30, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:45:36 mins

National Parks Guide (0:00:00) According to a new survey from Market Watch, nearly 1 in 3 Americans are planning on taking a road trip this year due to the pandemic. Seems like a good way to get your summer trip in without going to a crowded airport. But where should you go on your next road adventure? Well as you know, we love our national parks, so we were thinking, “if everyone is going on a road trip anyway, why not make it a national park road trip?” Here to help us figure out which national park to go to, what our itinerary should be, and other travel ideas, is Joe Yogerst, National Geographic author of 100 Parks, 5000 Ideas. How to Speak So That People Listen (0:14:41) It’s probably something we’ve all experienced at one point or another: we’re in the middle of telling something to a friend or coworker when we realize that they aren’t listening to what we’re saying! Hopefully it’s just a one-time thing—maybe they were distracted by an important text or were lost in thought when we started talking—but sometimes we can feel unheard for a little while. Ultimately, it takes two people to successfully communicate, and as the adage goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” But have you ever wondered how you can maximize your own speaking and listening skills to improve your end of the conversation? (Or “encourage” the horse to drink, so-to-speak?) Julian Treasure is a sound expert who has spent years focusing on how we can be better listeners and speakers! He joins us today to help us learn how we can be more empathetic communicators and how we can speak so that others will want to listen to us. Being a Financial Failure (0:31:38) Money is power. However, when money isn’t used just right that power can feel like it’s pushing us down rather than forward. And it’s really annoying when it seems like we’re doing the best that we can, but it never seems like there’s enough funds for all the fun and responsible things we want to do in our lives. So, if things aren’t working out the way we wanted or thought they would we have to ask ourselves: where are we messing up and how can we learn from our financial failures? To help us see the where our finances could use a touch up, we’ve invited Martin Hurlburt onto the show. He’s a financial advisor who’s written several books, including “Yes, Money Can Make You Happy” and gave the TEDx talk “Financial Misbehavior: How to Overcome the Cost of Being Human”. Décor Tricks for Small Spaces (0:43:44) Have you ever lived in a tiny, seemingly unworkable space? Like when your studio apartment feels smaller than a walk-in closet....And, you cut the number of shoes you own down to your beloved essentials... Yet you still feel like you’re living in a college dorm again? The good news is your crash pad no longer has to cramp your style. There are plenty of ways you can transform the square footage you have into the functional and comfortable abode that you deserve. Ryan Jackson, principal designer of LA-based firm Studio Jackson Inc, is here to talk about decor tips on how to make a small space feel big. Storytelling (0:52:49) It’s that time of the month! Our favorite storyteller, Sam Payne of BYU Radio’s the Appleseed, has hopped over to our show for a story. Mini Book Club: Guilty Pleasures (1:10:59) Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio’s World Awaiting, talks with Richie about the best guilty pleasure reads that we should check out this summer. NASA Perseverance Launch (1:18:36) For decades NASA has been sending rover missions to the planet in hopes of discovering more about life that may have existed there. Now NASA is preparing to send human missions to the Red Planet, but first they’ve sent the Perseverance rover to gather more information and test out technology. To tell us more about this morning’s launch we’re joined by Kenneth Farley, project scientist for the Mars 2020 Perseverance Mission. World Day Against Human Trafficking (1:32:25) If you’ve been on social media lately, you might have noticed tons of people protesting human trafficking. Those joining the conversation to end this modern form of slavery call themselves “abolitionists”. And they have a daunting task in front of them. Human trafficking generates over $100 billion annually across the globe. That fact is both sad and sickening, and begs the question “What can we do to stop it?” Today, July 30th, is World Day Against Trafficking, and we’ve invited Jerry Gowen, the Chief Operations Officer from Operation Underground Railroad, on the show with us to share how we can each take part in fighting human trafficking.