Bruce Lee & Stunt Doubles
  • Jun 11, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:46 mins

Bruce Lee: A Chinese-American Dream Cut Short Guest: Matthew Polly, author, “American Shaolin" and "Bruce Lee: A Life” In his brief 32 years, Bruce Lee transformed Kung Fu movies. Always reaching for the next big thing, he channeled his unbridled energy--we probably would have put him on Ritalin today--into acting, directing, and producing. What else might he have achieved had he not died so young?  Unseen Action Heroes Guest: Lauren Steimer, Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies and Media Arts, University of South Carolina With jaw-dropping feats like hanging from trains, stunt doubles are stars in their own right. The Magic of Video Effects  Guest: Eran Dinur, Emmy Award-winning visual effects supervisor, author, artist and teacher Visual effects are used so often you likely don’t even notice. They're used in comedies and dramas, not just action movies.