• Mar 11, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 58:28 mins
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Interviews and stories included in this episode: Michael MacEllen Comp Interview 1: Michael MacEllen Comp \*\*Notes: \*\*Actress and college student, Michael MacEllen Comp, shares with us the story of how she was named. Interview 2: Paul Rawlins \*\*Site: Notes:\*\* Paul Rawlins' credits include writer, researcher, editorial manager at Ancestry.Com and winner of the Flannery O' Connor Short Story Contest. He speaks with Sam Payne about the importance of names and narratives in genealogy work. Matt Deighton Interview 3: Matt Deighton \*\*Site:\*\* Notes: Matt Deighton is a marketing representative at and talks about the growing interest in genealogy work. The Apple Seed Interview 4: The Apple Seed Team Teller: Whitney Snow, Elizabeth Elieson, Sam Thomson, Marcus Smith, Andy Bay \*\*Notes:\*\* The Apple Seed Team, joined by Marcus Smith, our station manager, sit down at a roundtable to discuss names and naming. Glenda Bonin Story: Why Do I Have That Name? Teller: Noa Baum Site: Notes: Jerusalem-born teller, Noa Baum, shares with us the curses and blessings of a unique name.