Cowboy Poetry
  • Nov 15, 2013 7:00 pm
  • 58:24 mins

Stories, poems and interviews included in this episode: Ted Dennison Poem 1: Young Gun Teller: Ted E. Dennison Site: Notes: A father nostalgically watches his son play cowboy in their backyard. Paul Bliss Poem 2: Salem on the Mountains Teller: Paul Bliss Site: Notes: Paul's CD Pure Bliss is nominated for the Western Music Association's Poetry CD of the Year award! This is his poem that captures the love and reverence cowboy's have for the land they work. Waddie Mitchell Poem 3: The Sounds a Cowboy Hears Teller: Waddie Mitchell Site: Notes About This Episode: This poem is the musings of a cowboy as he looks back on his life. Paul Bliss Poem 4: There'll Never Be Another Ewe Teller: Paul Bliss Site: Notes: A man tries to wrestle with a ewe (female sheep) and she runs him all around the barnyard. Paul Bliss Interview 1: Jeff Streeby \*\*Notes:\*\* In the interview Sam Payne talks with and Jeff Streeby to discuss the academic treatment of cowboy poetry.  They talk Jeff's book "Sunday Creek" and they also have Jeff recites a little cowboy poetry for us on the show. Paul Bliss Story 5: The Bust Teller: Paul Bliss Site: Notes: A poem that portrays the intense relationship between man and horse. Paul Bliss Story 6: The Whole Load Teller: Waddie Mitchell Site: Notes: A preacher becomes discouraged by his lack of a congregation until a lone cowboy shows up to be taught. Paul Bliss Story 7: Old Night Hawk <str