Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment at Work

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Office Sexual Harassment, Death Penalty, Violence Memorial

Episode: Office Sexual Harassment, Death Penalty, Violence Memorial

  • Nov 14, 2017
  • 17:22 mins

Guest: Elaine Herskowitz, JD, principal of EEO Training & Consulting Services, former senior staff attorney at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission The flood of troubling stories of men in business, entertainment, politics and the media harassing or assaulting women – and in some cases men and children – has many of us thinking about why such behavior persists. Many of the #MeToo stories involve men in positions of power forcing themselves on subordinates. Others involve what might be considered subtler harassment that has led female employees to feel uncomfortable or unvalued. This is despite the fact that most companies today have policies prohibiting sexual harassment and often mandatory harassment training for employees.

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