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A Secret Code for Better Family Communication

Eyres on the Road
  • May 9, 2020 2:00 pm
  • 28:32

On today's show, the Eyres talk about a Secret Code for families based on animals that children love. Humpback Whales never interrupt each other as they sing their deep-ocean songs. Crabs can be caught in a bucket and never escape because their instinct is to pull each other back. Elephants are both firm and tender with their great trunks. The tortoise beats the rabbit because he is steady and keeps on going. Redwood trees stand tall and strong in the wind because their roots intertwine below the ground. Once the stories are told and understood, one single word can replace a lecture. When one child is criticizing another, the parent says "CRAB". When someone is rude or interrupts, get eye contact and say "WHALE". Richard and Linda talk about how to tell the stories and to get the drawings of all nine Animal-Symbols and how to use them as reminders in improving children's behavior.