Payday Lenders, Men and Relationship Bumps, Young Chemists

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 313

  • Jun 8, 2016 10:06 pm
  • 1:39:09 mins

What New Payday Lending Rules Mean for Borrowers Guest: Mehrsa Baradaran, JD, Associate Professor of Contracts and Banking Law at The University of Georgia Law, Author of “How the Other Half Banks” Millions and millions of Americans who find themselves short on cash turn to payday lending outfits. You’ve seen them clustered on street corners and in strip malls in at least 30 states where they’re allowed. According to some experts, the payday loan industry is about to be gutted by plans for the first nationwide regulation of their business. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed rule will end what its director calls “payday debt traps.”  Traps are certainly bad news for consumers, but where will those millions of Americans in need of quick cash turn if payday loans are off the table?   Men Take Relationship Bumps Harder than Women Guest: Robin Simon, PhD, Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University Researchers who studied young adults in Miami found men struggle more emotionally than women do when there is strain in a romantic relationship.  That’s the opposite of what you might expect, isn’t it?  To Inspire Young Chemists, Play with Fire Guest: Jennifer Nielson, PhD, Teaching Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at BYU, Chair of the American Chemical Society’s task force on International Chemistry Education The world needs more scientists from developing countries and the way to get them is to have more fire in science classrooms. BYU chemistry professor Jennifer Nielsen has spent the last five summers training high school science teachers in Uganda to make chemistry hands on – mixing substances, lighting things on fire and basically playing in the laboratory – so they can make science interesting enough to students that they’ll choose a career in the field.  Apple Seed in Zion Guest: Sam Payne, Host of BYUradio’s “The Apple Seed” Sam Payne joins us from Zion National Park to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Bees Keep Elephants Out of Kenyan Crops Guest: Lucy King, DPhil, Head of Save the Elephants’ Human-Elephant Co-Existence Program Gardeners in these parts have slugs, deer and rodents to contend with. But if you’re in Kenya trying to farm a small plot of land to feed your family and make a living, you’ve got a much bigger problem. Incidents of African elephants raiding crops are on the rise, in large part because efforts to restore the dwindling elephant populations are succeeding. Elephants are returning to old migratory patterns they’d abandoned for years, only to find tasty new farms in their path.  The nonprofit “Save the Elephants” is testing a novel solution to the problem using this little fact of nature: elephants do not like bees.  Why Should Wine Drinkers Have All the Fun Pairing and Tasting? Guest: Bruce Blosil, CEO and Founder of Delmosa The founders of a new company called Delmosa are like a third of Americans, non-drinkers. And they’ve decided that the experience of pairing and savoring fine beverages shouldn’t be just for people who consume alcohol.