Teaching Children Joy
  • Sep 7, 2019 5:29 pm
  • 29:23 mins
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A preschooler's absorbent mind can learn just about anything, so the question is, what to teach them. Many parents opt for early academics, but studies show that this may make them bored when they start school, and that other kids will catch up by age 7 or 8. A better option is to let kids have a real childhood, free from the school pressure that will come soon enough. The thing to focus on with preschoolers is the emotional and social skills or "joys" that will make them happy people. On today's show, the Eyres talk about their 8th book, Teaching Children Joy, and how it came to be written and how it started Joy Schools, a do-it-yourself preschool that has now been practiced by more than 300,000 families.