2010s Technology

2010s Technology

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Healthy Masculinity, Teacher Burnout, Noise Pollution

Episode: Healthy Masculinity, Teacher Burnout, Noise Pollution

  • Nov 6, 2020 9:00 pm
  • 17:40 mins

Guest: Jason Perlow, Senior Technology Editor, ZDNet Ten years ago–the dawn of the 2010s–the world was about to get its first glimpse of the iPad. Now we all have tablets–or phones and laptops that can act like tablets if we want. Think of all the other technology the 2010s gave us: smart watches, smart speakers, smart-everything, really, including home appliances, lights and locks. The 2010s also brought our first real taste of just how much companies like Google, Apple and Facebook know about us–how easily that data can be misused. What technology advances might the next decade bring? (Originally aired January 7, 2020)