The Shiny
  • Sep 4, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

Welcome to The Apple Seed! Some time filled with stories for you and your family. Since 2013 we’ve been bringing you tall tales, personal tales, fairy tales, historical tales and more. All kinds of tales, from all kinds of tellers. Some of our favorite stories are about people just like us. Ordinary individuals thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Sometimes, however, our heroes are very different than us; perhaps they are extremely silly, or greedy. Sometimes, they’re not even human at all. In today’s stories, we’ll get to hear about all kinds of animals; foolish ones and clever ones, brave ones and cowardly ones, cruel ones, and kind ones. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Piggy Wiggy” by Willy Claflin from Sleeping Beastly and Other Tales (3:06) Radio Family Journal: "Mercedes Benz" by Sam Payne (16:02) The Daily Mix: "10 Ways to Hear Snow" (22:22) “The Shiny”: an original radio drama produced at BYU Radio (31:19) “The Gypsy Wagon” by Dan Keding from The Gypsy Wagon and Other Neighborhood Tales (51:25)