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Embarrassing Moments, Overcoming Infidelity, Summertime Activities, Domestic Abuse, Mountain Biking with Kids, Hacking Your Life

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 8, 2019
  • 01:41:10

Embarrassing Moments (0:00:09)  Lisa and Richie discuss they're most embarrassing moments. Overcoming Infidelity (0:11:53)  Relationship expert, counselor and author Keith Battle talks about how to recognize if your partner is being unfaithful and how you can rebuild trust after the fact. Summertime Activites (0:30:12)  Carrie Ann Rhodes chats with Richie about how you can help your kids be more self-sufficient when trying to stay busy over summer. Domestic Abuse (0:50:45) Alisa Divine, member of the Saginaw Underground Railroad and author of #SheWins, explains how to recover from domestic abuse, how to recognize it in others, and what steps to take when you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse. Mountain Biking With Kids (1:11:38) Jack Hennigan, co-owner of kids' bike blog "The Bike Dads," gives advice for getting into mountain biking with your kids.  Hacking Your Life (1:30:20) Joseph Reagle, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Northeastern University and author of "Hacking Life: Systemized Living and its Discontents, talks about the history of life hacks, how they can be harmful, and how we should correctly approach "hacking life." Show More...

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