Baba Yaga
  • Sep 7, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 57:03 mins
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Stories that feature or relate to the character of Baba Yaga, a character that appears in Slavic folklore as a witch of the woods, but that being said she’s more than your basic witch in the woods. She flies around like other witches but instead of donning a broomstick she rides a mortar and pestle. She’s got iron teeth. And her house stands on chicken feet, with blinking windows, often positioned behind a fence of human bones. She's unique. And complex. Sometimes she's bad like most witches but other times she's helpful, almost like a fairy godmother - either way she makes a great story. Baba Yaga by Tim Lowry (1:43) Sasha’s evil stepmother sends her into the woods to be eaten by Baga Yaga. Will she manage to escape before it's too late? Learn more about Tim Lowry by visiting: Wham! Slam! Jenny-Mo-Mam! by Richard & Judy Dockery Young (13:05) Some kids go into the woods and find an old witch who wants to eat them but they use some magic of their own to keep her at bay. Learn more about Richard and Judy Dockery Young by visiting: Russia by Mary Hamilton (21:15) From her album "Sisters All...and One Troll" which includes Cinderella stories from around the world, this is the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful, a tale usually associated with Baba Yaga. Learn more about Mary Hamilton by visiting: Little Man No Bigger Than Your Thumb by Beatrice Bowles (24:53) A prince's sisters are kidnapped in a whirlwind and while journeying to find them he stumbles across Baba Yaga who guides him to the man who carried off his siblings. Learn more about Beatrice Bowles by visiting: Katora; Lord of the Wind by Judith Black (37:17) A father sends his daughters to marry the fierce wind that’s tearing through Siberia in order to tame him. Learn more about Judith Black by visiting:

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