Alcatraz Island
  • Nov 29, 2018 8:00 pm
  • 54:58 mins

What do pelicans, Al Capone, and Native American rights activists have in common? One word: Alcatraz. Known for its infamous inmates, clean escape record, and ominous appearance, the Island of Alcatraz has lived on as one of the most famous maximum security prisons in the United States. But this rocky island off the coast of San Francisco has a history much deeper than its time as a prison. Today we learn about the history of “The Rock” and the people who spent time there - from inmates and guards to citizens and Native activists. Our guest today is Sarah Anderson, a Park Ranger with the National Park Service and Alcatraz expert. Also in today’s episode, learn what inmate processing on Alcatraz was like through our helpful Welcome to Alcatraz broadcast, hear about some other Alcatraz inspired prisons in pop culture, and be sure to catch up with Hank and Larry, our friends from the Old Idaho Penitentiary, who have found themselves in a bit more trouble than before. Welcome to another episode of Special Corrections.