Rodeo Season

Rodeo Season

The Apple Seed

  • Jul 13, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 56:01 mins
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Sam Payne lets us tag along with him during one of his favorite seasonal events: the rodeo. Full of wit, grit, fun and cowboy shenanigans the rodeo embodies all that we love about the Wild West. Bucking broncos, loyal steeds, lassos, spurs, and a good pair of Wrangler jeans are sprinkled throughout the episode to help you prepare for your local rodeo. Much of the material you will hear in this episode can be found on cowboy poetry compilations published by the Western Jubilee Recording Company, as well as original stories and songs from Donna Ingham Sam Payne. Stories, songs, and poems included in this jam-packed episode (in order from first to last): Bronc Ridin' Shuffle by Paul Bliss An Old Rodeo Clown by Donna Ingham Equus Caballus by Joel Nelson Tell a Cowboy by The P.C. Cowboys Big Bad Bill by Rick Crowder (aka Sourdough Slim) Evening Chat by Waddie Mitchell I'm a Cowhand in My Heart by Miss'lette Roll on Owyhee by Brenn Hill with Gord Matthews & Gord Maxwells Slant of Light by JV Brummels All This Way for the Short Ride by Tom Russell with Paul Zarzyski & Andrew Hardin Hooves, Hide and Mane by Sam Payne with Ryan Schupe The Hooves of the Horses by Randy Rieman

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