Barrel Making, Civil War Photo Sleuth, Defunctland, Cyro Holes

Constant Wonder - Radio Archive, Episode 145

  • Apr 11, 2019 8:00 pm
  • 1:40:53 mins

Modern-Day Barrel Making Guest: Darold Francis, Cooper Darold Francis decided later in life to learn the traditional art of being a cooper and took up making barrels and baskets. Along the way, he gained a greater appreciation for this occupation that his forefathers had done for generations. If you're interested in purchasing one of Francis' handmade products, please call 801.979.8200. Civil War Photo Sleuth Guest: Kurt Luther, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Director of Crowd Intelligence Lab at Virginia Tech They say a photo is worth a thousand words.  But if we don’t know who the people in the photo are, do we lose their stories? We talk to a computer scientist who uses crowdsourcing to identify Civil War soldiers. A Wild Ride through Dead-and-Gone Amusement Parks Guest: Kevin Perjurer, author of "Defunctland" and creator of the "Defunctland" Youtube channel Discover the history of extinct and long-lost amusement parks. Exploring Tiny Worlds in the Antarctic Ice Guest: Pacifica Sommers, Research Associate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder At some point you’ve probably wondered about our whole idea of size and space. Is there any reason that an enormous galaxy could not be contained in little natural test tubes lodged in the ice of Antarctica? Our guest spends her winters basking in the Antarctic sun to explore communities of life in the ice.