Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

Worlds Awaiting - Season 2, Episode 25 , Segment 1

Comics: Gateway to Helping Kids Connect with Literature

Episode: Comics: Gateway to Helping Kids Connect with Literature

  • Jul 1, 2017 6:00 am
  • 18:05 mins

Who would have thought it possible that reading simple comic books – Spiderman and Superman, you name it – could help a teenager become a better reader and develop a love for even more demanding literature! High School English teacher, Ronell Whitaker, has done this very thing in his classroom. He uses comics and graphic novels as a gateway for leading his students along toward more advanced literature. His method, first developed by fellow teacher, Eric Kallenborn, has grown nationwide through the help of the Pop Culture Classroom. Ronell teaches at Community High School District 218 in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up on the city’s south side, he developed a love of comic books, film and technology. These seemingly disconnected passions have informed Mr. Whitaker as an educator, and have led to his passion for helping his students develop fluency in multiple literacies. He’s presented across the country at conferences and conventions on the benefit of comics in the classroom, and is a founding member of the Comics Education Outreach Program with Pop Culture Classroom.