How Do You Queue?

How Do You Queue?

The Lisa Show

Organizing and the 2021 Job Market

Episode: Organizing and the 2021 Job Market

  • Jan 12, 2021 1:40 pm
  • 17:34 mins

Maybe you call it lining up, maybe you call it queuing. Whatever you might call it, they both amount to the same thing—standing (or sitting) and waiting our turn. And while the majority of people would agree that waiting in line tops their list of unfavorable activities, many would also agree that lines are a fair system. But what does this say about us that we think waiting for minutes or hours is a proper way to distribute resources? And even more interestingly, what might it say about us if we find lines unfair? Here to answer these questions and to delve in the psychology of “queuing” is entrepreneur and tech consultant, Richard Dancsi!