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Teens and Technology, Job Insecurity, Prenatal Development

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Aug 19, 2015
  • 02:13:37

Teens and Technology (13:38) Dr. Ben Hickerson is a Professor at Penn State in the college of health and human development. He research focuses on the correlation of physical activity in built and natural environments, physical activity in youth summer camps, & leisure and technology. He earned his Ph.D., Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, North Carolina State University. Dr. Hickerson and Dr. Townsend talk about new research in how technology is impacting teens. Job Insecurity (54:37) Dr. Allison Pugh is Associate Professor of Sociology. Her research and teaching focus on how people adapt in their intimate lives to broad socio-economic trends such as increasing insecurity, commercialization, overwork, and risk. Prof. Pugh’s study on job precariousness, is entitled "The Tumbleweed Society: Working and Caring in an Age of Insecurity." Dr. Pugh talks about how insecurity in the workplace leads to stress on family life. How Men May Help in Prenatal Development (1:29:25) Sachiko Koyama, the Associate Research Professor in the Medical Science Program at Indiana University, received her doctorate from the University of Tokyo in 1995 and is here today to tell us about an experiment she has conducted on mice that suggests that “male \[pheromones] may contribute to offspring’s mental development before pregnancy.” Dr. Matt's Coaches Corner (1:44:34) Dr. Townsend discusses the findings of Dr. Sachiko Koyama and how pheromones play a part in the health and development of a child. Dr. Townsend goes in depth as to why Dads matter in the life of a kid. Show More...

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